I’m moving back to Los Angeles and already have a project I’m managing. My theatre company Son of Semele is doing a Solo Creation Festival. If you’re working on a solo show and want to present it in LA then see the more formal details below.

Son of Semele Ensemble is pleased to announce an open application for Solo Creation Festival (SCF), a 3-week festival of solo works in many stages of development and in a wide range of genres/forms. SCF will be presented July 2-20, 2014, at the Son of Semele Theatre in Silver Lake, CA.

SCF provides opportunity for for courageous solo artists to present solo works of all kinds, be it monologue, movement or design-focused work. The goal of the festival is to explore the many ways that solo performance can exist by bringing a diverse range of solo work together. If your solo work is a monologue, a video installation, a movement piece or some other genre-bending wildcard, SCF is for you!

Guidelines and Application:

Application Fee: None
Participation Fee: None
Reasons to not apply: None

Applications Deadline: April 1, 2014
Notification: May, 2014