The Late Wedding by Christopher Chen

Director || Son of Semele || Los Angeles

Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus

Actor: Seneca Howland || Directed by Barbara Kallir at Son of Semele

Solo Creation Festival

Producer || Son of Semele

Created and produced the festival from 2014-2019, giving support and space to over 50 solo shows and providing opportunities for over 80 artists.

Homeward LA

Director || Part of a city wide campaign to raise money for the Midnight Mission. Our show alone raised $2000 with the city-wide event raising over $100K

Our LA River

Director/Creator || with Playwrights Arena for Grand Park

The Woman Who Went to Space as a Man by Maureen Huskey

Actor: Janice/Ensemble || Directed by at Son of Semele

When Skies are Gray by Ashley Steed

Creator/Actor || The Visceral City Project for Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Ridiculous Darkness by Wolfram Lotz

Actor: Stefan Dorsch || Directed by Matthew McCray at Son of Semele

The House in Scarsdale by Dan O’Brien

Assistant Director || Directed by Michael Michetti at Boston Court

The Offending Gesture by Mac Wellman

Actor: Blondi || Directed by Edgar Landa at Son of Semele

Wonder City by Ashley Steed and Ensemble

Creator/Director || The Visceral City Project at Company Creation Festival

Parallel Worlds: A New Rock Music Experience

Co-Producer || Creator/Producer Brandon Beckner

Love and Information by Caryl Churchill

Actor/Ensmeble || Directed by Matthew McCray at Son of Semele

The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle by Ross Dungan

Assistant Director || Directed by Matthew McCray at Son of Semele