The Phoenix

Your life was pain and suffering
trauma after trauma
but you continued living
molested as a child
abused by a husband
you lived in your car
left for dead
a broken jaw by a boyfriend
and left behind
like trash
crumpled and forgotten
but you continued living
you tried to lose yourself
in sex
always looking for love
and never loving yourself
but you continued living
a life full of pain and heartbreak
until a heartbeat
from inside you
a collection of cells comprised of half of you
yet something that all of you could love
you went up in flames
and rose from the ashes
ashes that gave you life
ashes that gave you purpose
ashes that gave you love
ash all around you
ash who took care of you
ash is what you are now
ash who lives on
we die as we lived
I wish you died as you lived with me
in peace and in joy
not in pain and in trauma
but we are the phoenix
rising from the ashes

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