Turning Grief into Art

Turning Grief into Art
Hello friends! As many of you know my mother passed away last December.
I believe firmly in turning my pain into something, hopefully, beautiful and powerful and I’m now working on an intimate and immersive piece inspired by the last week of my mother’s life. But I need your help!

Help me raise money!

I’m sponsored by Fractured Atlas and in order to be eligible for grants I need to raise at least $1000. Therefore, I’m reaching out to everyone I know and asking for just $5 (but I’ll happily accept more!)

To donate – please visit my Fractured Atlas page for my devising company – The Visceral City Project by clicking here!

All donations are tax-deductible.

Follow the process here on my website!

I’m delighted to be working with Melissa Randel again (who was in my devised piece Wonder City earlier this year) who will be playing my mother. We’ve had one workshop thus far and will be doing a series of workshops later in the year. I’ll be blogging about the process and you can follow along HERE.

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